mediocre sadboy rap music

by Devin Branting

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i wrote this hey wow


i am rapping on this beat because my rap dad did
writing sad lyrics like an angry kid
writing sad lyrics like a mad teenager
this shits getting difficult

try and stay focused, try and stay confident.
try and sound cool, but try not to flaunt it
try not to complain, try not to worry,
dont sound lame, and like surly,
you will find the flow you need
let me try and bring you up to speed.

im sorry that i made you think that im insane
take apart my pieces, look into my brain
you will see that most of it was put into a frame
I got it auctioned off, cause money dont complain

it seemed like the right thing to do at the time
now im stuck here lonely, feeling so sublime,
but also pretty bitter.

so i saw you at the bar,
looking at your from a far
leaving me kinda jarred
with my slawed jaw crawlin up

my feet felt the beat
beat my meat to the thought of you
ideally, we end up in my crib
watching naruto

i am pretty sick of weak rhymes
but i am also pretty sick of people eating up my damn time.
so im gonna keep it simple,
look at me rhyme while i pop these pimples

i am 17
i am a computer screen
i think cops are mean,
also i rarely ever fiend
for a bud or a hug or a tug from a lady
besides that one time,
and that other time.

sometimes i feel like i live in a shell
yknow, like an antisocial personal hell
kinda like what glados does to chell
idunno really, maybe time will tell

i want to write raps for sad boys in boston
also sad girls who frequently flaunt it
also sad parents with talented star kids
we all want to be like them.

i can’t play guitar and i don’t think i want to
all i care about is writing poems and songs for

rest in peace turn to dust you will always be embedded
in my dome piece, in my dome piece
rest in peace turn to dust nobody ever forget it
play the slow piece, play the slow piece, damn.


released 08 November 2013
me also ghandi also rory



all rights reserved


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